Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dian Sastrowardoyo : "I Wanted To Be A Bond Girl..."


first, I don’t remember when exactly i wrote this n why i kept it in unpublished folder

second,as the last Bond movie’s gone for months, I’ve tried to recall who’s the bond girl name ( couldn’t remember. but don’t bother to browse in imdb),and can’t help thinking why those character is easily forgotten

Since I was young I always wanted to be a Bond girl. Went to Harvard, know how to kick ass, and look smashing as always, and of course have a great sense of art and music, and a great sense of humor. The thing is , actually those Bond girls die sooner than the others (he… he.. he..), not to mention that most of the time they are lonely too. Not much guy dare to pick them up, and not much guy amuses them too.

I used to want that much for my self coz, I’ve always imagined that THERE IS that guy, out there, I used to call whoever he might be my “James Bond”. The one so perfect, so unreachable, and he would only go for the best which is Bond girl. So that was what I was trying to be.

But then it’s not long before I finally hit the reality: that James Bonds don’t exist. Even if it does it’s only gonna be in those heads of ego-narscistic-megalomaniac-phallocentric-alpha male men that just don’t go out much. That’s the main reason why they developed such delusional idea that they could real life James Bond, simply be cause they didn’t have anybody to slap them in the face to tell ‘em that they’re not. In reality they are just those people with most of the time have nothing to do so they could spend most of their time in front of a mirror and embrace themselves.

In reality, I learnt that even the most successful men wouldn’t go for the perfect girl. They would go for the mediocre, the less successful girl, the less attractive girl. Maybe it’s just to ensure them with security that this one would need them and stand by them for as long as they live, even though if they’re being an asshole most of the time.

Now that really surprises me. The fact that those Bond-alpha-type-man cannot compete. Those men are suddenly smaller than I think! I know that mom had always talked about to respect men and to play dumb around them, but I never realize that it’s gonna be this extreme.

But, again, this is one of my extreme thoughts, and I admit I tend to exaggerate things hahaha

Source : Dian Sastrowardoyo's Blog

foto 1-2 credit to jemari Haqi

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