Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fahrani's Biggest Obsession

Guys, Do you know Extravaganza? Or maybe you ever watched this show? I am sure that all of you who live in Indonesiaknow about this comedy show. Well, for those who don’t know about this comedy show, don’t worry because I will tell you all.

Extravaganza is the title of the comedy show in Trans TV channel. This show’s duration is about two hours, and it is shown every Saturdays night from 08.00 PM until 22.00 PM. Every comedy are divided into some sketch. In every sketch, there will be some stars will act in that comedy sketch. As we know that there are some famous celebrities that starred Extravaganza. They are -one of our treasure- Luna Maya, Tora Sudiro, Tike Priyatnakusumah, Aming, Indra Birowo, Sogi Indraduaja, Ronald
Surapraja, Roni Dozer, Virnie Ismail, Edric Tjandra, Cathy Sharon, Ence Bagus, TJ and Omesh.

Fahrani Empel and Indah Kalalo by Jacky Suharto

Beside the main stars, there will be also one or some guest in every episode. The good news is, last Saturday one of our treasure, Fahrani Empel came to extravaganza as the guest star in Extravaganza Talk show. This supermodel was so gorgeous that night with using big glasses, a cap, and cool boots. Beside Fahrani, another supermodel, Indah Kalalo also came as the guest star for Extravaganza Talk show. The talk show was hosted by Sogi Indraduaja.

Indah Kalalo by Jacky Suharto

From the talk show we (especially for you who watched it last Saturday) can get some interesting points of Fahrani.Okay guys here are those points :

1. She is doing her "side job" right now..

When Sogi asked her about her activities right now, she said that she is waiting to her next film, she still waits for the beginning of the production. While waiting she is doing her "side job". But unfortunately, she couldn't tell us about this "little secret". Well darling, we hope that you can tell us later about this. ^_^

Fahrani Empel by Panji Indra

2. Her height when she was 13 years old was 168 cm!!

Wow.. she starts her career as a model at the age of 13. she entered John Casablanca school of modelling. Because her height was 168 cm in that age, she entered to the adult class. You can imagine how tall she was. FYI, she graduated from John Casablanca school of modelling as the best graduate.

3. Her biggest obsession..

You won't believe this guys! Her biggest obsession is she wants to fly a plane. fantastic! She said that from she was a little child she have been obsessed to fly an aeroplane. She really wants to be a pilot. Well Fah, we hope that you can make your dream comes true. you go girl!!

Fahrani Empel by Panji Indra

4. She has a boyfriend..

Boys! Calm down and take a deep breath and never think to kill yourself! The world will not finish if she has a boyfriend ^_^. Fahrani said that she is dating with someone right now, but she didn't mention the name of that lucky man. Come on Fah, we're all waiting you to introduce that guy. Wish u happy with that man.. ^_^

Well guys, those are a little bit point of Extravaganza Talk show with our supermodel, Fahrani Empel. Hope you guys enjoy the articles.

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