Friday, February 20, 2009

The Trilogy of Dewi : Luna Maya

Well, This is the third and the end of The Trilogy of Dewi : Luna Maya this article is from Dewi Magazine, September 2007.
so please enjoy it..

"I felt like i get unpredictable boon after i came home from umroh.."

Q: In your film, Jakarta Undercover, what was the most memorable experience?

A: I was asked to scream for one hour to make my voice sounded bass.

Q: How is your feeling if you see yourself in the movie?

A: It’s just okay, but I still feel something less.

Q: Which movie that satisfied you the most so far?

A : Ruang (Space). Besides, I got Citra nominee for that.

Q: What kind of film do you like?

A: Just like most of women, I like drama and love stories, but actually I watch all genres.

Q: Do you still active in UN World Food Program (WFP)?

A: Yes I do. This is my second year.

Q: What are your activities for the program?

A: Do campaigns to many places, contributes idea for Walk The World event, approaches musicians to join this event, and so on. This is not easy because this is kind of pro bono project.

Q: You seem to enjoy being the WFP ambassador

A: Yes, besides I also worked for WALHI before. I and my friends in university have been concerned about environment since long time ago.

Q: Have you begun to write your thesis yet?

A: I haven’t. I take few subjects each semester because I try to be realistic, managing time between study and work.

Q: When you were a child, have you ever dreamed to become a model or artist?

A: No. I was tomboy and fat, and I wanted to be an astronaut or lawyer.

Q: Why do you become like now?

A: It started when I decided to move to Jakarta, and got the modeling offer, and it’s just flowing until I’m like this today.

Q: What’s the best receipt to face gossips for people like you?

A: Just ignore it. Don’t care what people said!

The End..

Dewi Magazine, September 2007

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