Monday, February 16, 2009

Behind The Scene Photos

First photo comes from Dian Sastrowardoyo in Natur-E TV Commercial.

Dian Sastrowardoyo becomes the model of Natur-E TV Commercial..
The concept of the TVC is simple, but Dian looks so gorgeous in that TVC. For Your Info, before starred by Dian, Natur-E TVC was starred by Nadia Hutagalung (Model, MTV Asia VJ). It's just so great because both of them has a strong kharisma and looks fantastic in each Natur-E TVC.


Second photo comes from KLA Project Video Clip..

This latest single from KLA shooting takes place in Park Studio, Cijantung.

The special is, there are three girls who become the model in this video clip, they are DhiniAminarti (Actress), Julie Estelle (Actress, Model) and one of our treasure : FahraniEmpel (Actress, Supermodel).

My Day Video Clip is one of KLA's proudness single because they just have a reunion after a long time been vacuum in Indonesian music industry. This video clip is directed by Kemot.

You can not see the video clip right now because it's just in editing process right now. It's gonna be an interesting video clip and maybe it's a must for you to watch it!

Photo Credit:
-Dian Sastrowardoyo : Jemari Haqi
-KLA video clip : Avatara Management

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