Friday, February 20, 2009

Luna Maya and Hillary Clinton in Dahsyat

Friends of Dahsyat, this is the moment that you wait the most. Yeasterday, Madam Secretary of States United States of America, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, came and became the guest star of Dahsyat. This beautiful and smart woman talked about her favourite music more than politic. In that opportunity, two beautiful girls interviewed her, Luna Maya from Dahsyat and Isyana Bagoes Oka from Seputar Indonesia (TV news program in RCTI). Not only Luna and Isyana were attending that show. There were also Melly Goeslaw (singer, songwriter), Agnes Monica (singer, actress), and Nia Dinata (film director and producer). Hillary Clinton seems to be so fun and friendly. Meanwhile Luna Maya interview Hillary, Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad are hosting Dahsyat in the different place with them.

Hillary speaks The Rolling Stones and The Beatles

The performance of Hillary Clinton in Dahsyat can be done by the request of United States of America's Embassy. the embassy of USA had done a research to choose the right program for Hillary Clinton to be the guest. Finally they choose Dahsyat as one of the programme in RCTI, the largest TV station in Indonesia.

Hillary said that she is a music lover and two of the bands that she likes are The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Hillary also called Dahsyat as "awesome program" . But when Luna Maya ask her to sing a little bit her favourite song, Hillary Clinton refuse and said : " This is the problem, i'm afraid that if i sing, people will leave.." and everybody around are laughing together.

The first part of the interview

The second part of the interview

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