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The Trilogy of Dewi : Mariana Renata

Maybe some of you are confused with the title of this post, what is the meaning of "Trilogy of Dewi"?? Is it the title of mariana renata's upcoming film??
Don't worry guys, i'll explain to you..

The articles belows are the interview of Mariana Renata in Dewi Magazine, February 2008. Beside mariana renata, our two treasures-Dian Sastrowardoyo and Luna Maya-also ever become a cover and interviewed by Dewi magazine, one of best magazine in Indonesia. After Mariana Renata, we will also post the interview articles of Dian and Luna. So, that's why the title is "The Trilogy of Dewi".. ^_^

So, enjoy the first part of this Trilogy..

"I really enjoy the fun life in Sydney eventough i still miss my life in Paris and Jakarta.."

Q: What’s your activity now?
A: Holidays and studying

Q: What major are you taking in University of New South Wales (UNSW)?
A: International business

Q: Why do you choose that?
A: Why not? It’s a wide and general field. Because I don’t know specifically yet what kind of profession I will take.

Q: Don’t you want to play a movie again?
A: I enjoy acting, but I feel I’m not talented at it. For me a movie player is not for long-term profession.

Q: What’s the last movie you watched?
A: I haven’t been watching movies for a while. But the last movie I enjoy is Control, an English movie about Joy Division band.

Q: What book are you reading now?
A: A Happy Death by Albert Camus

Q: Do you enjoy your study?
A: Yes I do. As long as I know what my professors want, what they expect from me. And keep finding out about this.

Q: What major did you take in Sorbonne?
A: English major. Not only learning about the literature, but also about the civilization and the history of British colonies.

Q: What’s the difference between Sydney and Paris?
A: When in Paris, I miss Sydney. Sydney is a relaxing city especially with its Bondi beach. Paris is more hectic and stressful, it can be seen on the people’s faces, the crowd, and how they shout at each other.

Q: What makes you missing Paris?
A: The times when I walk there. No matter how long you live in Paris, you can be lost then you found the new streets. I also like its beautiful buildings and how the seasons change.

Q: Then how do you feel about Jakarta?
A: Jakarta is my home, a place where I grew up. My family also lives in Jakarta.

Q: What do you do when you’re in Sydney and missing Jakarta?
A: Make a call on mom and dad, and trying to enjoy Sydney whenever I can.

Q: While you’re not studying, what do you do around Sydney?
A: Go to art galleries, and good festivals and concerts.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: Various. One of the bands I like now is Arcade Fire from Canada. They had concerts in Sydney twice while I’m in Jakarta at the moment. Uh, so sad I couldn’t watch it.

Q: When you’re having night out with your friends, how do you put make up?
A: I put lip balm, mascara and blush-on.

Q: Why do you cut your hair that short?
A: Because I’d been long wanted it that way.

Q: Do you feel pretty?
A: What I think when I see myself in the mirror, oh that’s me. Not feel bad, not feel pretty. Just feel looking at myself.

Q: Do you feel comfortable with yourself?
A: Life has its ups and downs. When I’m down, I call my friends or close relatives, because they know me the best, they know how to comfort me the best, telling when we make mistakes sweetly.

Q: What’s the meaning of beauty to you?
A: I don’t know anything else meaning but cliché, like beauty comes from inside. But I don’t know why, that opinion is true.

Q: Do you diet to look pretty?
A: Actually I don’t. But sometimes I eat too much junk food and feel that I have to cut it.

Q: Do you like cooking?
A: Well, there it goes. Because I can’t cook, I eat junk food and enjoy it…hahaha…

Q: Your favorite junk food?
A: Burger and french-fries, pizza, chips.

Q: Where can we buy delicious burger in Sydney?
A: It’s near my place. I don’t know whether it’s the most delicious or not, though. The waiter has known that I must have burger and chips.

to be continued: Dian Sastrowardoyo..

Source : Dewi Magazine February 2008

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