Friday, January 30, 2009

January's Box Office

Two great movies in January had been released!!

After Pintu Terlarang (Forbidden Door) released on 22nd January, few days ago, Asmara Dua Diana (Asmara's two Dianas) also had been released on 29th January.

Starred by the Citra nominee Fachri Albar, and the talented actor Ario Bayu, and also Marsya Timothy make The Forbidden Door is a must to be watched! The director Joko Anwar will present you the "different smart" film in the middle of seks and horror genre in Indonesian film Industry. This movie will also follow the film festival in Rotterdam.

Luna Maya the most shining celebrity 2008 also act in a film this month, play with former MTV Indonesia, Jamie Aditya and Indonesian new singer Aura Kasih make this film looks so interesting and i am sure that it will gonna make you laugh along the movie. In this movie also, Luna Maya will act as a pregnant mom. What a great comedy ^_^ !!

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