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Vino G Bastian

Full name : Vino Giovanni Bastian

Place and DOB : Jakarta, 24 March 1982

Occupation : Actor, Model

Education : The Bachelor in technical Chemistry of Institute Technology Industry Jakarta


  • 30 Hari Mencari Cinta 2004
  • Catatan Akhir Sekolah 2005
  • Realita, Cinta, & Rock ‘n Roll 2006
  • Pesan dari Surga 2006
  • Foto, Kotak & Jendela (indie) 2006
  • The Matchmaker (Lux Short Movie) 2006
  • Badai Pasti Berlalu 2007
  • Tentang Cinta 2007
  • Radit & Jani 2007
  • In The Name Of Love 2008

Achievements :

Vino and Raihanuun in "Badai Pasti Berlalu"

  • Most Favourite Romantic Moment in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2004 (with Maria Agnes) for the Film “30 Hari Mencari Cinta”
  • Most Favourite Supporting Actor Nominee in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2004 for the Film “30 Hari Mencari Cinta”
  • Most Favourite Leading Actor Nominee in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2005 for the film “Catatan Akhir Sekolah”
  • Most Favourite Actor Nominee in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2006 for the film “Realita Cinta dan Rock ‘n Roll”
  • Best Actor Nominee in Indonesia Movie Award 2008 for the Film “Radit dan Jani”
  • Most Favourite Leading Actor in Indonesia Movie Award 2008 for the Film “Radit dan Jani”
  • Best Couple in Indonesia Movie Award 2008 (with Fahrani Empel) for the film “Radit dan Jani”
  • Most Favourite Couple in Indonesia Movie Award 2008 (with Fahrani Empel) for the film “Radit dan Jani”
  • Indonesian Film Icon – Hai Magazine 2008
  • Best Actor in Indonesian Film Festival 2008 for the film “Radit dan Jani”


  • CLEAR Shampoo
  • Honda Revo
  • Nokia
  • A – Mild Live

Music Video :

Vino and Raihaanun in "Badai Pasti Berlalu"

Vino and Raihaanun Kissing Scene in "Badai Pasti Berlalu"

  • Ratu – Salahkah Aku Terlalu Mencintaimu
  • Rossa – Wanita yang Kau Pilih
  • Kerispatih – Tapi Bukan Aku
  • Ari Lasso - Badai Pasti Berlalu
  • Astrid – Merpati Putih

About Vino :

Vino G Bastian, was born in Jakarta at March 24, 1982. This youngest son of famous writer Bastian Tito started his career as a model in teenage magazine. In 2003, his friend ask him to follow the casting for film “30 Hari Mencari Cinta”. When he was success in that casting, Vino felt doubt about his acting ability. He also felt so desperate and he taught that he has no talent in acting. The crews gave him support and spirit to him, and then slowly but sure Vino can do the best for that film.

Eventough he just became supporting actor and appear in just few scenes in “30 Hari Mencari Cinta”, but actually Vino had stolen indonesian hearts lovers. Trough that film also, Erwin Arnada, the leader of Rexinema, saw the talent and ability in acting that he had and he was asked again to act in “Catatan Akhir Sekolah” (2004) directed by Hanung Bramantyo. After that, Upi Avianto asked him again to play in “Realita Cinta dan Rock n Roll”. This Virgo Putra Production film got a lot of good reactions from film critics. This make Vino become more exist in Indonesian film industry. No wonder that a lot of films ask him to starred with such as “Pesan dari Surga”, remake “Badai Pasti Berlalu”, “Foto Kotak dan Jendela” dan “Matchmaker”.

Before he decide to begin his career in modelling, actually Vino's interest in art was had been grown up since he was a child. His father, Bastian Tito the writer introduce him to the journalist world. But in fact, vino's talent is not work well in journalistic. At that time, Vino want to be a pilot because of seeing the air show. Because of that also, Vino decide to continue his study in Institute Technology Industry Jakarta. But that is not a reason for Vino to stop his interest in art. Little Vino often imagine to make and play in a film that is written by his father. Now his imagination had become reality, eventough he doesn't act as his father's novel character.

With all of the popularity that he has now, it doesn't make Vino satisfied. It makes Vino to keep on study about acting. he has a target that if his acting doesn't show any improvement, he will resign from film industry.“ I will always evaluate my acting quality improvement years by years. when i hear any disatisfaction, it is a warning for me.” said Vino.

Of course Vino still has thousands dream in film. One of them is Vino wants to be known as a strong character actor. He also wants to act a character that is totally different with his daily character. In 2008, Vino has proved that he is a very good actor by winning the Bast Actor in Indonesia Film Festival 2008.

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