Friday, January 9, 2009

Under the Tree

Under The Tree Movie Poster

This movie is telling us about three girls whose are having a trouble. They are Maharani, Tian and Dewi. They need to make their body and soul relax by living in Kuta beach, Bali.

Marcella Zalianty - Best Leading Actress in Indonesia Film Festival 2005

Maharani (Marcella Zalianty) goes to Bali. After knowing that she is an adopted child. Her mother actually is a balinese dancer. In the middle of her dislike to her mother, she suddenly face another trouble that bring her to child trafficking.

Nadia Saphira

Different with Tian (Nadira Saphira) who comes from rich family. She goes to Bali, because her father named Teguh is a corrupter who is imprison by the KPK because of his multi-billion corruption.
Ayu Laksmi - Best Leading Actress Nominee in Indonesia Film Festival 2008

Meanwhile Dewi (Ayu Laksmi), a radio announcer is facing the reality. She has two choices : abort her baby, or let the baby born. Eventough the baby will be abnormal, the baby's brain will getting smaller and will not life for a long time.

Under The Tree Movie Trailer

So, that is a little bit of the story. This movie is so interesting, directed by Garin Nugroho who had been direct some good movies like Opera Jawa and Rindu Kami PadaMu. A lot of surprise come from this movie before it hadn't been released yet. This movie got nine nominees in Indonesian Film Festival and won two Citras in that festival. Now, you can see it in the teather.

Cast :
Marcella Zalianty
Dwi Sasono
Nadia Shapira
Ayu Laksmi
Aryani Kiergenburg Willems

Director :
Garin Nugroho

Writer :
Garin Nugroho

Indonesian Film Festival 2008 Nominees :
*Best Film
*Best Director - Garin Nugroho
*Best Leading Actress - Ayu Laksmi
*Best Supporting Actress - Aryani Kiergenburg Willems (Winner)
*Best Editing - Andhy Pulung
*Best Sound Effect - Khikmawan Santosa
*Best Cinematography - Yadi Sugandi
*Best Art Direction - Budi Rianto Karung (Winner)
*Best Music Score - Kadek Suardana and Wiwiek Sudarno

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