Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fachri Albar

Fachri Albar by Bona Soetirto
Fachri Albar by Bona Soetirto
Fachri Albar and Marsha Timothy by Pandjimura

Full Name : Fachri Albar
Nickname : Fachri
Place / DOB : Jakarta, 15 November 1981
Father's Name : Achmad Albar

Mother's Name : Rini S Bono

Height : 180 cm

Hobby : watching movies, reading, playing music & travelling

Education : Valley Forge University, USA - majoring Business

Occupation : Actor Drummer of Jibriel Band

Music Album :
1. Memecah Kesunyian (2008, Jibriel)

Video Clip :

1. Raih - Jibriel

TV Series :

1. Malin Kundang

2. Cahaya Surga

3. Sujudku

Filmography :

1. Alexandria as Rafi - 2006 2. Jakarta Undercover as Amanda - 2006

3. Kala (Dead Time) as Janus - 2007 4. Pintu Terlarang (Forbidden Door) as Gambir - 2009
Achievements :

1. Best Leading Actor Nominee in Indonesia Film Festival 2007 for the film Kala (Dead Time) About Fachri :

If you are a girl, maybe you will say that he is handsome and you will love him at the first sight. If you are a boy, maybe you will sacrifice everything to become him. Fachri Albar was born in Jakarta, 15 November 1981 This man who usually called Ai’ is known as an actor and a drummer of Jibriel, one of Indonesia’s rock band. Jibriel themselves is a new comer in Indonesia music Industry.

Grows up in artist family, makes Ai’ interest in art. His mother Rini S Bono was a model and an actress. His father Ahmad Albar is a singer. He is the vocalist of Indonesian legend rock band, God Bless. Ahmad Albar himself, was a teenage idol when he was young and God Bless was just like an icon for Indonesian rock band. God Bless is still exist in Indonesia music industry until now. A lot of songs from God Bless are everlasting like Rumah Kita and Panggung Sandiwara. Her aunt, Camelia Malik is known as one of Indonesian legend dangdut singer.

Fachri Albar is one of Indonesian talented actor, no wonder that a lot of producers and directors give a change for him to act in some great films. Actually, his first appearance in entertainment was not in film. The first time he played in TV serial titled Malin Kundang. He acted as Malin the son of a mother who was played by Desy Ratnasari. Not long after that, he acted in the film Alexandria and also the other fantastic films like Jakarta Undercover, Kala, and Pintu Terlarang.

His kissing scene with Shanty in Kala - Dead Time

Nowadays, Ai’ widen his career in music industry. He becomes a drummer of Indonesian rock band, Jibriel. Jibriel’s first album, Memecah Kesunyian had been released in 2008. Their first single, Raih also had been released.

Ai’ is also known as Indonesian don juan. He always dates with beautiful women. In film also, Ai’ always plays with some beautiful women. The women was Julie Estelle in Alexandria, Luna Maya –his ex girlfriend– in Jakarta Undercover (in this film, Ai’ acted as sissy named Amanda), Shanty and Fahrani Empel in Kala – Dead Time (Ai’ got Citra nominee for the Best Leading Actor 2007) and Marsha Timothy –his girlfriend now- in Pintu Terlarang – Forbidden Door. Forbidden Door is a special entry for Rotterdam International Film Festival 2009.

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