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Marcella Zalianty

Full Name : Marcella Zalianty
Nickname : Celly, Marcell
Place / date of birth : Jakarta, 7 Maret 1980
Zodiak : Pisces
Father : Gozali Amran
Mother : Tetty Liz Indriati
Siblings : Olivia Zalianty
Height / weight : 172 cm / 53 kg
Occupation : Actress
Education : Pelita Harapan University, Majoring Public Relation
Hobby : basket, fitness
Favourite Color : White, Cream, Pink
Favourite Food : Siomay, pasta, sashimi, tuna sandwich, sate ayam
Favourite Perfumes : Perry Ellis, Victoria Secret

Commercial :

  • Visine
  • Smile UP
  • Giv Beauty Soap
  • Nokia
  • Emeron
  • Fren
  • Indomie
  • Xon-Ce
  • Citra
  • Fiber
  • Ponds
  • Hemaviton Action
  • Skechers
  • Converse

Filmography :

* Tragedi (Tragedy) - 200x
* Bintang Jatuh (Falling Star) - 2000 as Selly

* Eliana, Eliana - 2002
* Tusuk Jelangkung - 2003
* The Soul - 2003
* Brownies - 2005 as Mel

* Missing - 2005
* Belahan Jiwa (Soulmate) - 2005 as Arimbi
* Denias, Senandung Diatas Awan (Denias, Singing On The Cloud) - 2006
* Takut (Afraid) - 2008
* Under The Tree - 2009 as Maharani
* Lastri - 2009 as Lastri

TV Series :

  • Cerita Cinta (TV7,2001)
  • Sephia (SCTV,2002)
  • Target Ciuman (SCTV,2002)
  • Walau Laut Memisahkan Kita (RCTI,2003)
  • Malam Pertama (SCTV,2003)
  • Kapan Kita Pacaran Lagi (RCTI,2005)
  • Kacamata Kaca (ANTV,2006)
  • Menanti Surga (Astro,2007)
  • Torrente (Venevision,2008)
  • La Ex (Televisa,2008)
Achievements :

  • Best Leading Actress in Indonesia Film Festival 2005 for the Film "Brownies"
  • Most Favourite Leading Actress Nominee in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2005 for the Film "Brownies"
  • Giv Beauty Soap Exclusive Star
  • Converse Exclusive Brand Ambassador
  • Skechers Exclusive Brand Ambassador
About Marcella :

Marcella Zalianty born in Jakarta, 7 March 1980. She starts her career as a model and then she continues her career as a TV serial actress and then she tries to act in film, the result is awesome!

Her successes by starring some TV series like Cerita Cinta (Love Story), Sephia, Malam Pertama (First Night) and Target Ciuman (Kissing Target) make her name become so famous in Indonesia. Marcell, people usually call her, is a daughter of Indonesian Actress Tetty Liz Indriati and sister of Olivia Zalianty.

had to be stopped for a while because the neighborhood around the location ask for that. They said that After a year stop for acting in Film, last year in 2008, Marcella came to make surprises. Beside starring in two films, she also producing a film "Lastri" but unfortunately the producing of LastriLastri is a film about the Communist. Actually they are wrong, eventough the set is around the year of 50's (the time when Communism almost destroy Indonesian ideologhy) but Lastri is a film about the anothe side forbidden love story.

This Giv Beauty Soap Exclusive Star is succes in Film Industry. Some of her succes films are, Eliana...Eliana, Bintang Jatuh (Falling Star), Tragedi (Tragedy), Belahan Jiwa (Soulmate) and Brownies. Become the leading actress in Brownies, make her become The Best Leading Actress in Indonesia Film Festival 2005 and nominated as The Most Favourite Leading Actress Nominee in MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2005 Her film Denias Senandung Di Atas Awan (Denias Singing On The Cloud) Also got a lot of award in many festival in Indonesia and worldwide. Her Last Movie Under The Tree also nominated as The Best Film in Indonesia Film Festival 2008.

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