Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pintu Terlarang ( The Forbidden Door )

JAKARTA: Joko Anwar's eagerly-anticipated third feature, Pintu Terlarang (The Forbidden Door), opens nationwide at cinemas on January 22th. The thriller is the first feature produced by LifeLike Pictures and its producer, Sheila Timothy.

Pintu Terlarang tells the story of a successful sculptor named Gambir whose life is turned upside down when he begins receiving mysterious messages from somebody who's asking for his help. When he stumbles upon an illegal TV broadcast which offers snuff, he finds out that the person who's trying to reach him is a 7 year-old boy who has been kept and abused by a vicious couple. As he digs more, he discovers that his wife Talyda might be connected to the whole mystery. Soon, he has to decide to leave the boy to die or to lose everything and everyone he knows.

Movie Trailer for "Pintu Terlarang"

The screenplay, written by Joko Anwar, is an adaptation of a best-selling novel of the same name, written by Sekar Ayu Asmara.

Fachri Albar, fresh from his much-praised acting in Kala, gives another terrific performance as Gambir, the curious sculptor who's trying to find out of the truth behind his seemingly undeserved success. Marsha Timothy, in a her breakthrough role, plays the classic femme fatale who may be holding the key to Gambir's quest.

Supporting roles are played by the country's renowned actors including Ario Bayu, TIo Pakusadewo, Verdi Solaeman, Henidar Amroe, and Atiqah Hasiholan along with newcomers who gave equally excellent performances including Otto Djauhari and Ade Firza Paloh.

Technical departments are handled by an award-winning crew including cinematographer Ipung Rachmat Syaiful and art director Wencislaus. Together they successfully created the film's other-worldly mood and atmosphere that has become the signature of the director.

As in any other Joko Anwar's film, music plays a very significant role in Pintu Terlarang. In this movie, Joko worked together again with his long-time collaborators musicians including Aghi Narottama, Bemby Gusti, Ramondo Gascaro who did the film's music score. Songs composed by some of the country's most talented composers and bands including Zeke Khasell, Tika, Sore, Ade Firza Paloh, Emil Hussein, and Anda.

The film which was shot on location is Jakarta and Bogor, West Java, also clearly shows a high production value which is still rare in the Indonesian film scene.

Apart from its premiere in Indonesia, Pintu Terlarang will have its international premiere in Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 27th.

Cast :
Fachri Albar
Marsha Timothy
Ario Bayu
Otto Djauhari
Tio Pakusadewo
Henidar Amroe
Putri Sukardi
Arswendi Nasution
Atiqah Hasiholan
Ade Firza Paloh
Verdi Solaeman
Tino Saroengallo
Vivian Idris
Cinzia Puspita Rini
Nittanazyra C Noer
Rizal Iwan

Director : Joko Anwar



  1. WHOAAA...!!! Must be another masterpiece from Joko Anwar! Can't wait to see it!

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