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Mariana Renata

Full Name : Mariana Renata Dantec
Nick: Mar, Nana
Place & DOB : Paris, December 31th 1983
Height/Weight: 175cm/51kg
Hobbies and Interests : Bali, reading, travelling, music, doggy, eat/drink, movies, daydreaming, sleep, hanging out, tv series, artworks, loafing around, concerts, festivals
Occupation : Actress, Model, Student
Educations : currently UNSW Sydney (International Business), Sorbonne University of France 4 (English Culture & Literature), LIF

Filmography :

Janji Joni (2005)
DTK tv series (2006)
Matchmaker - Lux Short Movie (2006)

Advertisements :

Ponds Indonesia & Vietnam (1998-2000)
Sunsilk for Asia region (2000-2001)
Sunsilk Vietnam (2001-2002)
Sunsilk Indonesia (2001-2002)
Vaseline Indonesia
Lux Indonesia (2003-2006)
Felice Jewelry (2005-2007)
HSBC Bank 2007
Senayan City 2008

Video Clips:

Dua Sedjoli - Dewa (199X)
Setia - Chrisye (199X)
She's Out of My Life(Asian version) - Josh Groban (2004)
Menunggumu - Chrisye feat Peterpan (2005)

Cinta Yang Lain - Chrisye Feat. Ungu (2006)

Achievements :

Mariana Renata : Sunsilk TVC

Mariana Renata : Lux TVC

*The Most Inspiring Model 2001 Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia
*Model for Gucci, Chanel and Dior in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia
*Sunsilk Star for Asian region (2000-2001)
*LUX Soap Exclusive Star Icon (2003-2006) with Dian Sastro, Luna Maya & Tamara
*The Most Beautiful Girl 2004 Hai Magazine
*Best Supporting Actress at MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005 for film “Janji Joni”
*Top 10 Young Celebrity Awards 2006 by IndonesianPageant.com
*Icon for Felice Co. Jewelry 2005-2007
*Model for 5 houses of mode in Australia Fashion Week in Sydney 2007
*The Icon for Senayan City 2008

Fashion Show :

Fashion Show Regional Gucci-Channel-Christian Dior (Singapura, Hongkong, Malaysia, Taiwan, 2001)
Adjie Notonegoro
XSML Fashion Week
Sebastian Gunawan

About Mariana Renata :

Mariana Renata (born December 31, 1983 in Paris, France) is an Indonesian actress.
Born to a French father Andre Dantec of Jewish origen who converted to catholicism and an Indo mother of Javanese-Chinese-Italian descent, Anita Kirana, Mariana has graced the catwalks of Paris, Jakarta, Singapore, Vietnam before she became one of the nationwide icons for Lux's soap brand.

There are five words that can express about Mariana Renata :
*She loves music
*She loves watching TV
*She loves travelling
*She loves her pins & postcards
*She loves Bohemian Style

Her favourite musics are the pixies, nirvana, lamb, peaches, fiona apple, the cure, bright eyes, yeah yeah yeahs, jimi hendrix, ben harper, bob marley, soundtracks, portishead, radiohead.
Her favourite TV shows are the oc, scrubs, that 70s show, sex and the city, friends, 6 feet under, punk'd.
Her favourite movies are empire records, city of god, fight club, garden state, the royal tenenbaums, great expectations, y tu mama tambien, american history x, stealing beauty, the chumscrubber, thumbsucker, gia, the gods must be crazy, angels in america, happy endings, bad education, the united states of leland, eternal sunshine, grease, north country, crash, the pianist.

A former student of English Literature at Sorbonne University by LIF-graduated, Paris, she has enrolled herself in a master's degree program, majoring in Business & Commerce at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. In 2005, she took a small-role in an Indonesian movie titled Janji Joni,or Joni's Promise. Maybe because of this film she had a date with Nicholas Saputra who is also play in this film. She was featured in the made-for-Indonesian-market version of Josh Groban's music video, "She's Out of My Life song "". She was also featured in an Indonesian directed version of Rivermaya'sBalisong" (Philippine band). Not only became a model for foreigner singers, Mar ( her nickname ) also became a model for Indonesian singer such as Chrisye, Peterpan, and Ungu.

She was featured in Indonesia TV Series Dunia Tanpa Koma (DTK), playing the role of herself. Eventough she just played in one movie, she had become one of the most favourite actress in Indonesia. This lux star become an idol because of her angelic face that can express a lot of expression that can makes people like her so much. In 2006, she was back for act in Lux short movie with another Indonesian Lux star like Tamara Bleszinsky, Dian Sastrowardoyo, and Luna Maya. In Lux short movie, Mar acts in "Matchmaker" with Vino G. Bastian. Excellent job! This movie was presented in Pusan International Film Festival 2006.

In the year of 2007, Mar had make the big decision in her life. She decided to continue her study in UNSW Sydney (International Business). Due to her commitment to her studies, she resigned herself from representing Lux in 2007.

In 2008 now, Indonesian entertainment seldom tell the information about Mariana. Maybe it is because of she is busy with her study in Sydney, Australia. In Australia, Mar also become a model. Eventough the Indonesian haven't see her for a long time, the Indonesian still love and miss her a lot. They are still hoping that Mar can come back to Indonesia immediately and back to the entertainment world in Indonesia.

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