Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fahrani Empel

Full Name: Fahrani Hasanah Pawaka Empel

Nick: Fa / Fahrani

Place & DOB: Jakarta, September 27, 1984

Height/Weight: 179cm/58kg

Hobbies: Traveling, watching movies, designing shoes

Language ability: Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, English

Occupation: Model, actress

Education: John Casablanca’s International Modelling School (Best Graduate)

Agencies: Woman Management (Italy), Voice Models (Japan), Red Models (Thailand), Elite Model Look (Indonesia), Chic Management (Australia)


- The winner of Jakarta Poetry Reader 1993

- Best Graduate from John Casablanca’s International Modelling School 1999

- Runner-up Elite Model Look Indonesia 1999

- Finalist of Elite Model Look International 2000 in France

- Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women 2004 (Hong Kong magazine)

- Nominee for Best Actress in Indonesian Film Festival 2006 for film television ‘Supermodel’

- The Most Outstanding Model by Jakarta Fashion Minute Book 2007

- Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal New Majilift Brunette since 2007

- Best Couple in a Movie in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008 for film ‘Radit & Jani’

- Most Favorite Couple in a Movie in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008 for film ‘Radit & Jani’

- Icon for Jakarta International Fashion & Food Festival 2008

- Best Actress in Indonesian Film Festival 2008 for film 'Radit & Jani'

International Fashion Shows Appearances:

Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in Tokyo 2006

Gucci Fashion Show in Hong Kong 2006
Milan Fashion Week 2006
Milan Fashion Week 2007
Paris Fashion Week 2007 (Spring and Summer)
New York Fashion Week 2007 (Spring and Summer)
New York Fashion Week 2008 (Autumn and Winter)


1. Lupus (1998)
2. Novel Tanpa Huruf R (2006)
3. Super Model I (2006) – Nominee for Best Actress Indonesian Film Festival 2006
4. Super Model II (2006)
5. Kala (Dead Time) (2007) - Best Film in Berlin Asian Hotshots Film Festival 2008 (Green Chilies Award), Special Presentation in Vancouver International Film Festival 2007, "Midnite Craze" selection in Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2007, Closing Film in Puchon Fantastic International Film Festival 2007, Golden Horse International Film Festival 2007 nominee, Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival Mumbai 2007 nominee.
6. Radit & Jani (2008) – Best Couple in a Movie and Most Favorite Couple in a Movie in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008

7. Kerispatih Music Video – Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu (2008)


Coca Cola
L’Oreal New Majilift Brunette
Georgio Armani
Top Shop
Gudang Garam Cigarette

Shiseido (Japan version)
Harper's Bazaar cover (for China)

About Fahrani Empel :

Fahrani Empel has been working for many prestigious international fashion shows and famous designers in the world such as New York, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Singapore, for 5 different international agencies based in Italy, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Fahrani was raised to be an independent girl and was taught not to trouble anyone by solving her own problems herself. She looks up to her mother, Vonny Rahayu Pawaka, the Indonesian top model in the late 70’s. Fahrani began her career when she was just 5 years old by starring several TV commercials and soap operas. At 13 years old, the cheerful girl entered John Casablanca’s school of modelling and graduated as the best student. Under the John Casablanca’s Agency, Fa –as friends address her- often appeared in fashion shows and TV soap operas. When she was 15 years old, Fa joined a prestigious competition Elite Model Look 1999 and came out as the runner up. She was sent to Elite Model Look International Paris in 2000 and became the finalist that afterward opened the door for her international career. In the following year Fa played another film “Kala” (Dead Time) which internationally gained big success including as Best Film in Berlin Film Festival 2008. Her love towards home country and parents makes Fahrani choose to settle in Indonesia, yet it doesn’t burry her passion towards modeling because she feels the leisure for this profession. Up until now Fa still receives jobs from Singapore, Milan, Paris and New York. After 10 years of modeling career, Fa began to think of her future and built her own shoes business with label ‘Partner in Crime’ based in Bali. She designs the shoes herself, and these handmade shoes are exported to Barcelona, Ibiza, and Italy. Every year Fahrani’s shoes company produces more than a thousand pair of shoes, and she’s planning to open the branch in Australia soon. Apparently the magnificence of Bali has made a top model who has traveled around the world rest for a moment. For Fa, Bali is the answer for the freedom spirit she posses. Yet still after all these great accomplishments, the independent Fa has some plans ahead. The New York Fashion Weeks for autumn and winter are her next target.

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