Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Luna Maya and Sunsilk Promotion in Cita Cinta

well, our Treasure Luna Maya become the cover for Cita Cinta magazine this week. Beside become the cover for Cita Cinta's anniversary, she also promote Sunsilk Shampoo. we don't know that Luna is Sunsilk ambassador or not (but we hope so). maybe we'll tell you later..
check the interview first..

Business Sense of Luna Maya...

Although Luna Maya is busy to take shot for Music Chart show in one of the TV channel everyday, this woman who was born in August 26th 1983 wanted to be ‘kidnapped’ by CC to cover photo session. We think, Luna will weak because of tired – but she is not! This beautiful lady was so excited to response CC interview.

“Although a lot of people know me right now, I don’t mine if I start again from the beginning. For example when I receive a job to become the host of Dahsyat!. People ask about my decision at that time because they think that show is not ‘classy’. But I want to improve my ability until the limit that people think am not able.
“After few month in Dahsyat!, I found a new family and friends. Olga and Raffi are not just my friends in front of the screen, but also behind the screen. It’s not including my interview with Hillary Clinton. Maybe I won’t get those experience if I’m not in Dahsyat!.
“I also trust my intuition. All of works and businesses that I done are usually based on feeling. Another example when I became the model for ST12 Music Video. The band is getting bigger, isn’t it?”

“Beside look for money in entertainment, I also interest in business as my future investment. I have two cafés in Bandung, my own clothing line, and last is barber shop at Kemang. For clothing line, in the future, I want the stuff is more different than before, not only jeans and t-shirt.
“Now, I have a plan to start a business that correlated with education in Bali. I choose Bali because my friend ask me. I think it would be nice if I have something in my own ‘house’ – I am from Bali.”

“I like to join the social activity. I’m still active campaigning as the ambassador of World Food Programme. For me, this kind of activity is fun eventough I don’t get any material. The satisfaction is different. Eventough I don’t do much, at least I feel something and don’t just think about myself.
“I also worry about the environment problem. As long as I can, I won’t eat in the restaurant that use plate or saucer from paper. I think it’s just throwing paper.
“Another real activity, I use like plant supplement for my car. With that oil, I don’t just decrease the emission, but also decrease my fuel until 30%. Usually when I fill my fuel it can survive until three days, now it can until survive ubtil four days.”

“I am a person who don’t really care about my performance. I also seldom go to the barber shop. If I have spare time, I prefer to relax at home than barber shop.
“Because I seldom go to the barber shop, I do my hair treatment at home. I choose shampoo and conditioner that can make my hair smooth and fabulous without extra attention. I just wash my hair twice a continued with conditioner. But the result is really smooth when I touch it, fabulous and make me confident to run the activities. But when I feel dirty, I can do it every day. Beside that, I like to buy masker, serum, or hair conditioner to extension hair treatment.”

Silver Party
“my most impressive birthday was my 25th, last year – quarter century (laughing). It was silver party and seemed to be everyone came.”
Number 9
“The symbol of immortality and perfection. It is the highest number, isn’t it?”

CitaCinta,April 6th - 22nd, 2009

well, all of us knows that Ariel Peterpan, the guy who is said that dating with Luna right now, become the model also in Sunsilk shampoo TVC. But unfortunately, the female model is not Luna Maya, but Amy Lee, model from United Kingdom.

The biggest question is : Why don't Sunsilk ask Luna to star this TVC with Ariel? Don't you think it's gonna be perfect if both of them are starred in same TVC?

well..well..well.. we hope that will happen next..

see Ariel Sunsilk shampoo TVC with Amy Lee :

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