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Femina Series : Fahrani Empel

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Start from now, Indonesian Treasures will present you the articles from Femina Magazine.
As we know that Femina Magazine is one of the famous magazine in Indonesia. Beside that, Femina also often write the articles about our Treasures. So i think it will be so nice if we present to you all about the articles there..

Start from the very first edition : Fahrani Empel ^_^

Fahrani, never worried..

Although had ever failed in business, even had been divorced in young age, Fa always enjoys to run her life..

Failures are had been undergone by Fahrani Pawaka Empel (24). But, all of that do not make this girl who is usually called Fa become trauma. Succeed and Failure in her life make her more ready to face all of problems that happen.

When she met femina in the middle of her business, this woman who was born in Jakarta, September 27th 1984, tell honestly about her career and love. Unpredicted, this tomboy woman has a lot of amazing plans in her life.


Has a tall body and brown skin, with the high experience of modeling. The amazing fashion shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, until fashion week in Milan had been passed by her. No wonder if this woman who start modeling at the age of 13, become one of the modeling The Most Outstanding Model in Jakarta Fashion Minute book.

Her career in acting is also amazing. Her acting can be seen in the film by Aria Kusumadewa, Novel Tanpa Huruf R (2004), and Joko Anwar’s film, Kala (2007). Her latest film Radit dan Jani (2007) made her become The Best Leading Actress in Indonesia Film Festival 2008.

Your career in modeling is very amazing, so what do you look in acting?

Experience. Since my first film, I have to choose my character smartly. I want to act the unique character, not just an ordinary one. I try to do not choose stereotype character, for example a kind lady.

Planning to make as the new career?

I am really excited to act a lot of character. Few times ago, I became the guest star in one of the comedy show in one of the TV channel. Last year, I also ever tried to cat in Hollywood. Eventough I failed, I will try again when I have the opportunity. I do all of that because of I‘m happy.

Still want to work in modeling?

Yeah, although I live in Bali, if there is a job for fashion show or photo session in Jakarta or abroad, I will take that job if it’s possible.

Which one is become your priority?

Nothing. Both of them are interesting and important for me. But, right now modeling job is more than acting. But, I will start to take my first shot in my new film after the election. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the story and the character that I will act. So, Just wait!


Beside modeling and acting, Fa also ever had a business. Unfortunately, shoes business that that she established in Bali with a unique name, Partner in Crime, now stopped for a while. Fa hopes her exclusive shoes design will be produced again if there is an investor. Her business willingness is not just about shoes, she even plan to add the other business.

Why do you interest in business?

I have a lot of idea in my mind. When there is chance, I try to make it real one by one. Just like when the first time I start my shoes business. I do like drawing and designing something, like shoes. Finally, I and my friend work together to establish this business. Now, my business is stopped for a while, but not collapse.

So, there is still another business idea?

Right now, I am preparing to open the modeling agency. At first I was just help my friend to run this business. But, she resign meanwhile I’m on fire to run it. If there is no problem this April it will open, the name is Lighting Models.

Don’t you afraid to compete with another modeling agency that have had big names?

Why I must afraid? My modeling agency has the uniqueness than the others. My models can be said as different. Most of my models has a unique performances and characters, exotic and edgy. Right now, not only models with beautiful face who are looked for, but also models with unique character. So, I am optimist!

What is your guideline in business?

I don’t really think about money about money that I earned when the beginning of the business. Because if I keep thinking about money that I get, I will be hard to move. For me, the most important thing is run my work with all my heart first. About gain, number two. If it’s not success, just try again. So, enjoy it!


Fa’s career is really colourful. But, who know that this oldest daughter of Frans Empel and Vonny Rahayu Pawaka had ever failed to run marriage in the very young age, 19 years old. Fa was married with the man from New Zealand at that time. But her marriage just exist for two and half years.

Are you trauma for marriage?

No. for me it’s one of the faze of my life. I don’t regret, and of course I’m not trauma. I was very young, I really wanted to have a baby and respect my family with having a couple. Finally, I learned from that experience. My family also understands if I want to have a child, although without having husband.

Now, do you have special friend?

Nowadays, I am dating with a guy from Australia. He is a professional surfer. Our relationship have been runned for one years. Of course there is plan to get married. But not in this year. And, one thing for sure, our plan to get married just because of we want to get married. Not because of other reason or family.

It seems to be your idol guy is a foreigner, isn’t it?

It’s just unconsciously. Most of my boyfriends are foreigners. But I think Indonesian guys are intimidated with me. Seeing my lifestyle, maybe will make them surprise. Honestly, I am a free person. Beside having a sense of humor, my dream man is a man who wants to receive whatever I am. One of them is doesn’t matter with my tattoos.

You seems to be never regret and never worry, don’t you?

Life is just once. I try to enjoy life. If there is a spare time, I will have fun. Riding motorcycle around Bali, sunbathing in the beach or playing with dogs.

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