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Femina Series : Dian Sastrowardoyo

After Fahrani Empel, now we present Dian Sastrowardoyo for the second articles of Femina Series.
so please enjoy it.. ^_^

Dian, on the top of boring point..

Dian refuses to act in horror and comedy, but she is so excited trying to act as a dangdut singer.

Not many actresses who are in the same age with Dian Sastrowardoyo (27) that succeed in a lot of film festival. Through the film Pasir Berbisik, for example, Dian brought home two titles as The Best Actress in the same time. First at 2001 Asia Deauville Film Festival in France, and then at Singapore International Film Festival (2002). But, not many people know that actually Dian is boring to run her career in entertainment right now.

Dian was met by femina when she was enjoying a plate of rice and lemon grass beef in the restaurant at Mega Kuningan. Sometimes, a smooth perfume smelled from her body. “This is TOFA perfume that I bought from US, the price is just $30. The smell is smooth like baby powder, and the most important is, not many people use it.” Dian said with smile.


Since long time ago, Dian was already known as a selective actress when choosing her character in film. After long time absent from big screen, Dian came back in 3 Wishes 3 Loves, a film by Nurman Hakim.

Why do you interest to be a dangdut singer?

I feel challenged. I never offered the character like this before. Usually, it’s just about a woman from middle class level. So, when I was offered, without long thinking, I shouted, “I want!”

How do you practice your dangdut voice?

I did an observation. Beside learning the real singer’s performance, I was also had a special training with a dangdut singer.

What is the interesting from this movie?

I like it because its mission is to show to the world that Islam is a religion with a lot of love and peace.

So, that’s the reason why you came back in acting?

My decision to receive this film is because of the message that is want to shown by this film. Among of many offers that I receive last year, I think this is the only one movie that interests me. I have a lot offers, comedy or even being a ghost in horror film. But I don’t like it. I don’t want to act just because of existence.

But, you acted in Drupadi last year, didn’t you?

That was different. Drupadi was an idealism film which the idea was came from me, so that I also became the producer. The difference, because of limited budget, we only can produce Drupadi as a short movie.


Every news from Dian Sastrowardoyo always be a ‘delicious food’ for infotainment media. When she is asked about boyfriend at this time, Dian just whispered to femina to turn off the tape recorder. “It is off the record,” said Dian with loud of laugh.

Why don’t you open about your boyfriend right now?

Based on previous experience, the effect was not good for me and my boyfriend if our relationship is exposed exaggeratedly. Sometimes, the medias like to add some fake exaggerated stories. He is my dream man.

It seems very hard for you to find your dream man, aren’t you?

(Laughing). Until now, I don’t have any criteria about my dream man. There was no any similar among all of my ex boyfriend, whether from face, mind set, attitude, or material.

It seems to be you don’t like to be alone, don’t you?

Yup, actually I need a time to be alone and pass the understanding faze for myself. How can I understand my dream man if don’t understand myself? Unfortunately, if I find a kind guy, it’s hard for me to refuse him.

Do you have any plan to continue your study abroad?

It is my dream since I was child. Actually I wanted to do that when I take bachelor degree, but it was canceled because me and my mom’s saving is just enough for a year life cost. Study abroad is not for prestige. I just feel that it’s a part of my horizon. Mom studied in Netherland and dad was in US.

So, when will you go?

I am still collecting money. After I count it, I need a lot of budget for life and study there. Actually I want scholarship but I think it’s impossible. I was refused because of people think that my name is too high profile. Willy nilly, I will go next year. If I have to sell my new house, I will do it.

Wow, you already have your own house, haven’t you?

Yup. I am diligent to invest my money. When the first time I was hired, I bought an apartment and now it is rented. That is my philosophy about money. In entertainment, when you get money, the amount will be so big. If you are not smart enough to save, you will spend it for the things that you don’t know and you will regret it. It’s not funny if your hard work just become bag, clothes and shoes.


Not only well known as multi talented artist, Dian also gets a special place in her fans’ hearts, because of her hard working in academic. No wonder, a lot of ‘door’ to a lot of career choices are opened widely for her. Dian is looking for a new place to work, she doesn’t mind if she has to start again from zero.

Beside act for a lot of different character, do you have any other obsession in acting?

Honestly, the first time I come for acting was because of ‘accident’. Actually I prefer to direct or write a scenario. My passion is not acting. Unfortunately I was claimed as an actress too fast. Nut, because of this is a job that can earn a lot of money, I just do it.

Why don’t you just study about film production process?

I am disappointed with the films right now. So, why I have to stand on my idealism to make a film? Sometimes, there are great films, but after that they come back again to the film that very similar with a soap opera.

If you don’t act, so what will you do?

Maybe I will propose to a company, whatever the position. Maybe I will join to NGO (Non Governmental Organization) also. Who know that my soul is over there.

Entertainment is a promising money source, isn’t it?

Yup. but, my studying process in it is already finish. I earn money because of image, not because of my brain. It is very far from my expectation. Honestly, I am bored in front of camera. I am in quarter life crisis right now. I am on the crossroad about my future.

How about your academic career? You had ever been a lecturer assistant, hadn’t you?

Ha…ha…ha… This one is embarrassing. Honestly, I’m very hard to get up early, so I often late to come to the class. Another problem is, as a lecturer assistant, I just work for two hours at Monday. So, the rest four days? I need a work from Monday until Friday.

If you want to change your job, don’t you mind to start again from zero?

No problem. I wonder because my condition is too comfortable right now. Propose to a company, I was offered a high position because of I’m famous. So strange, I don’t even have any experience in that division. So that, beside study, I also want to work abroad, the place where I can be Dian myself. Basically I’m a hard worker.

If you work hard then you’ll get stress?

I’m not afraid of stress, because basically I’m an ignorant woman. But it doesn’t mean that I’m never sad. Do you want to know my philosophy and my special recipe to fix the pressure? Singing and dancing alone at my room like the Indian movie. Eventough it sounds ridiculous, it helps so much. after that my feeling will be so happy.

You often perform with simple style, don’t you?

Yup, now I’m wearing ‘bego’ trousers. Or only wear jeans, t-shirt and flip – flop. But, because of I have a wide hip, I won’t wear too tight t-shirt.

But you still take care your body, don’t you?

Of course. I feel comfort if I am clean and fresh. When I take a bath, I use Lux macademia mosturising whipped cream liquid soap. The smell is so good, so caramel, different from ordinary liquid soap. Just with take a bath and smell it, I’ll feel relax and fresh.

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