Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Femina Series : Luna Maya

Luna Maya becomes so phenomenal woman right now, but do you know about her 'expensive' hobby? Find out her love story also in the fourth femina series only at Indonesian Treasures..

The forbidden love of Luna Maya

Her name is always connected to Ariel. Luna said that her ‘eternal dishonesties’ are bag and shoes.

Who don’t know Luna Maya? Her beautiful face always appears in Dahsyat Music Show (RCTI), advertisements and also magazine’s pages. Luna is busy about her newest stripping TV serial titled Dewi right now and she is ready to promote her upcoming movie, Selasih Janda Kembang.
“Every day I wake up at 07.00, start working at 09.00 and usually finish at midnight. I want to earn a lot of money and save it. So that I can be relax at the age of 30” said Luna. There are two teasers that can’t be refused by Luna. The charm of branded bag and shoes are too shining for her.

About your most expensive shoes and your branded bag collection?
Hermes bags (the price is more than 10 million Rupiahs). The colour is orange, so the colour is same with the colour of Hermes. My branded bag collection is about 15. I had been glad to collect the branded bags since 2004. My first branded bag was Gucci. These days, I’m really crazy about Chanel and Bottega Veneta. I like the light of Bottega and the fancy models of Chanel.

The bag that you are hunting?
Louis Vitton, that is worn by Madonna, the Kalahari model (the price is >Rp.40million). So, I am saving my money right now. If I buy expensive shoes, I usually pay for some period of time to my favourite shop. I usually pay for 4-5 times. So, I seldom buy it abroad. I think about the money if I should pay cash.
What are you doing with your old bags?
If I really like it, I will keep it, just like my classic U 55 Chanel. The rest, I will sell them to the shops. If they don’t buy them, I will give them to my friends.

You are a shoe lover too, aren’t you?
Yup. Used to be I have about 100 pairs of shoes. Because I always move, so the half of them I gave to my friend and family. Not all of them are expensive branded. But I’m so crazy about Christian Louboutin (she has more than 5 pairs) and Giuseppe Zanotti. But I wear them for special occasions. I prefer Mellisa’s wedges for my daily activities.

Have you found your true love?
(laughing). I don’t know. If I have a husband, so I can talk about it. If still dating, so nobody knows.

If you had loved somebody, are the types of person who can do everything for him, include waiting?
One thing for sure is, if I want to wait for him, it means that I have a feeling. I’m kinda person who follow my feeling.

So you back again to Ariel Peterpan right now?
My focus is only for him right now.

Your opinion about bad boys?
I’m usually curious, is it right about what people said? But sometimes there is a man who looks so bad boy but the fact is his heart is so kind.

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