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Femina Series : Fachri Albar

Fachri Albar and his girlfriend Marsha Timothy became the cover of femina magazine few months ago..
check out the article and see how they show their love and adoring each other for the third series of femina series, only at Indonesian Treasures..

The romance door of Marsha Timothy and Fachri Albar..

Their romance is shown with trusting each other.

If seeing their physical appearance, they are deserved to be called as a perfect couple. Fachri Albar (28) who’s handsome seems to be so match with the beautiful Marsha Timothy (30). The too good to be true’ impression is looked more real when Marsha accompanies his soulmate in the hardest moment: when Fachri is suspected as junkies. After that storm was over – The BNN proved that Fachri is free from drugs – for the first time they act as marriage couple in Pintu Terlarang, the latest film of Joko Anwar.

Both of them were met in the afternoon, in the middle of photo session preparation for the cover of this edition. (both of them were interviewed in the different room to get the different answer). femina can feels the strong chemistry between them. Not only based on their answers, but also from their eye contact.


“A big wrong if somebody said that acting with our real couple will be easier because it will be easier for them to make the chemistry in front of the camera”. That’s the answer of Ai’, that’s how people call Fachri. In fact, in Pintu Terlarang, Ai’ and Caca, Marsha’s nick name, can successfully play the character of Talyda and Gambir, the marriage couple who have their own emotional problem, and live together with love and cheating.

Your first impression when starring Pintu Terlarang?

Fachri: From the story, this thriller drama film is so cool. I was so nervous can I play the character of Gambir.

Marsha: At the beginning, Joko gave this film script to Ai’. They ever work together in Kala. I was so happy when Joko ask me to play in this film. This film’s story is awesome; we become the unique couple, not just like in the ordinary love story.

This is the first time you act together; do you have any special preparation?

Fachri: When I knew that Marsha was also asked by Joko to play as Talyda, in every meeting we always discuss about this film.

Marsha: This is the first film that we act together. Beside that, I never got any proposal to act the character like Talyda.

How was the feeling when you act with your lover?

Fachri: So difficult. We need to burn our chemistry and build the new chemistry.

Marsha: It is really not easy. If the story is easy, maybe we were not too difficult. In this film, Gambir’s character that has to be played by Ai’ is so hard emotionally. Talyda’s character is also difficult.

Have you ever had a conflict in the location?

Fachri: Yup, when I was not satisfied with one of the scene. I thought about it over and over (Ai’ said, because he wanted to give the best result, he became so hard to satisfied with his work). So, when Caca told about her shooting’s result, my emotion could be easily exploded. She ever given me a compliment, “Babe, your acting was good.” I wasn’t satisfied and refuse the compliment. Act with your girlfriend need a good ego controlling.

Marsha: I couldn’t freely tell about my acting. So, I was often upset. Fortunately, our focus was on the film at that time. After shooting, our relationship becomes better.


Before officially become a lover, Fachri who is (actually) shy and not confident, said that he is Marsha’s secret admirer. At that time, he just only knew Marsha’s nick name. “I just adore in my heart, I wasn’t dare to do anything because she had a boyfriend at that time,” said the actor of Jakarta Undercover. But, because of he is Caca’s fans; he didn’t want to pass the opportunity to meet Caca.

How was your first meeting?

Marsha: Actually we have known each other, but it was just “hi”, if our friends meet together. In 2006, I was asked a character and asked to meet Ai’ who will become my friend.

Fachri: There was a funny story behind that meeting. Actually, when the producer called, I know that I couldn’t make it because of my full schedule. But, after Lukman Sardi – who was there when I receive the phone call – told me that Marsha Timothy is Caca, I directly called back and asked him to meet me with Caca.

After that, you become closer?

Marsha: Hmm... I forget about our closing process. But one thing for sure is, after that meeting we often make a phone call.

Fachri: No, until one day when I was with Gary Iskak (Who played with Caca in Merah Itu Cinta) was calling Caca. Gary gave his cell phone to so we can had a chit chat, after that we often call each other because Caca was already single.

What make you love each other?

Marsha: About kindness, absolutely. People see that Ai’ seems arrogant, in fact he is more patient than me and always think positive about anybody else. He becomes the balancer, because I am grumpy, he is cooler and calmer to face the problem.

Fachri: She is click (the feeling in his heart which is hard to be explained) in my heart. I’m not a man who can easily say love words to women. It’s so hard for me to find a click couple and know her inside and outside. That feeling is gotten by a process. I love her seriously.

Your love story always happy?

Marsha: No. We often fight each other in the beginning of our relationship. Little problem, for example if we were not in a good mood. Ai’ thought that I was so hard to opened, and unfortunately I didn’t think so. I prefer be a listener to a speaker in a relationship. It was quiet long to make me opened to Ai’.

Fachri: Our beginning relationship, I ever stress and wanted to give up because I thought that Caca was so introvert. I can’t have a relationship with someone who I don’t know her personality. Fortunately, Caca still survived and didn’t want me to give up. After that, I knew that her introvert was because of she was shy. Actually, when Caca can be opened, woooow… she is a fantastic woman. She is so kind to every people around me.


Hearing that they adoring each other can make a jealousy. But, actually this couple doesn’t like to express their love with words, but with attitude. How can they sure that each of their couple is the best?

Both of you still together when facing the drug suspect case, don’t you?

Fachri: Yeah, I appreciated Caca so much at that time, she always accompany me.

Marsha: Because I knew the real fact and the bad news about Ai’ did not affect me.

Are you all a romantic people?

Fachri: Caca is romantic enough; she often gives me her handmade card. I myself like to give her a surprise. And if I already have willingness, I will give a 1000% surprise that can make her cry happily.

Marsha: Ai’ isn’t a romantic guy. But I also don’t really like a romantic guy. One day he gave me an unexpected gift. A CD of our pictures with songs and long words. It was the most amazing gift…

You meet each other almost every day, what do you usually do?

Fachri: We like watching and eating. I eat everything, eventough I’m not a new restaurant hunter. Unfortunately, Caca often limits his food to control her weight. But actually I think that she is too thin (teasing smile)

Marsha: Our favourite food is steak, so that we know the place of delicious food.

Do you celebrate Valentine?

Fachri: There is no special celebration, just having dinner together.

Marsha: We never have a special ritual to celebrate Valentine. Last year we even didn’t do anything because I was busy. This year, we are promoting Pintu Terlarang.

Do you have something that you don’t like from your couple?

Fachri: Nothing. Even if she is grumping, it’s for my goodness. For example, remaining me to eat or keep my health.

Marsha: Ai’ is so slow. For example about taking a bath, he can make me mad. He said that he want to take a bath, but when I called him again, he still said that he want to take a bath. And when I called again, he still said the same thing.

Your way to get away from temp╦łtation?

Fachri: We are responsible to our commitment.

Marsha: For me, the most important is appreciating our couple. So that, we will think twice if we want to do something that can break his heart.

How do you solve your ‘different religion’ problem?

Fachri: Of course we have thought about it. About the solution, it become our private secret.

I don’t feel that we have different religion, because God is just only one. Beside that, our parents also don’t make that as a problem.

So, are you ready for marriage?

Fachri: Hmmm… (just smiling).

Marsha: There is no plan yet.

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